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Last issues - Al-Tafahom Magazine

Al-Tafahom publication

Quarterly Islamic intellectual publication issued by the Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs in Sultanate of Oman. The first issue published in winter in 2003. Al-Tafahom highlights different approaches of Qur’anic studies around the world served by high profile international researchers. Al-Tafahom provides a new approach of Islam seen through a moderate and innovative reading of all aspects of Islamic civilization, the philosophy of religions through different ages. It also shows a good knowledge of modern Islam in the contemporary world. Dialogue is always a priority, which could be detected while along each issue of Al-Tafahom publication. Few times in the year, Al-Tafahom team publishes translations of selective various articles published in the Arabic issues. Meanwhile, Al-Tafahom team publishes two supplements monthly: Book review and Al-Tafahom Youth.
Last issue - Al-Tafahom Youth

Al-Tafahom Youth

A monthly supplement issued by the Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs, distributed with Al-Rayaat newspaper in Amman, includes articles by Omani youth presenting their visions of the intellectual and religious titles presented in the magazine of understanding Al-Tafahom and expressing their views in a distinctive style that converges with the emerging generation in Oman.
Last issue - Books review

Books Review

A monthly supplement issued by the Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs and distributed by Al-Ruwiya newspaper. Specialists review the publication of selected books in different languages and in different sciences that interest the Arab reader into the knowledge of new ideas in the world.